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First Cast Consulting, LLC


First Cast Consulting, LLC, was created by Phil Parker in July of 2020 after his 26 years of service and retirement as the President and CEO of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. After having created relationships with over 10,000 different businesses and organizations during his career, he still felt that there was much left to be done to help others with his many skill sets. 

Parker was active as both a professional leader and one who had served on more than 50 different not-for-profit boards during his adult career. Those many lessons learned from over 5 decades of leadership could be used to train, mentor, coach, and motivate others' success. Thus this consulting business was born.

Parker is a confirmed optimist, "one tested by years and rolling up his sleeves and doing...not just watching others do or try!" Parker is an experienced and seasoned outdoorsman; fishing in 42 states and multiple countries and the Caribbean Islands, as well as, hunting in the south and midwest.

The name of his company is derived from the well-worn saying that belongs to experienced fishermen who know it's going to be a great day of fishing when you catch one on your first cast of the day. Like that first cast, Parker believes that your business will also be successful if you are guided by someone who can help you achieve your goals on your very first day.

First Cast Consulting can spend time with your company or not-for-profit organization both virtually and in-person recommending a number of services that can be used for your success. 

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